1. Vadiaz (hereinafter: the "website owners"), who operate the vadiaz.com website (hereinafter: the "website") respect the privacy of the surfer or the user of the website's services (hereinafter: the "surfer"). Because of this, the owners of the site decided to publish their policy regarding the protection of privacy on the site and they commit to the surfer to comply with this policy.
    2. The purpose of the policy is to explain to you, the surfer, what the website owners' practices are in relation to the privacy of the website users and how the website owners use the information provided to them by the surfer or collected by them as part of the surfer's use of the website.
  2. The collected information and its collection methods

    When using the website's services, information is collected about you that you knowingly provided, as well as information that is used for statistical purposes:
    1. Information provided knowingly is, for example, information provided by you as part of creating a user account - this information identifies you personally, i.e. your name and address and may include products and services you purchased or sought to sell, the payment methods you used and so on.
    2. Information used for statistical purposes is aggregated information that does not identify you personally and is not stored together with your details. This information includes, among others, advertisements you viewed, the pages you viewed, the offers and services that interested you, the Internet address (IP) from which you accessed, and so on.

  3. Registration for services

    To the extent that personal details are required when registering for services on the websites or when purchasing products on them, the website owners will only ask you for the information that is directly necessary for the provision of the services or the purchase of the products.
  4. The database

    The data that will be collected will be stored in the database of the site owners and under their responsibility.
  5. The use of information

    The use of the collected information will be done only in accordance with this privacy policy or according to the provisions of any law, for the following purposes:
    1. Proper use of the various services on the site.
    2. Improving, changing, canceling, enriching or adjusting the services and content offered on the website.
    3. Adapting the site's content, services or products to your interests.
  6. Direct mailing

    1. The website owners wish to send you information about the website's services as well as marketing and advertising information from time to time by e-mail.
    2. Such information will only be sent to you if you have given express consent to it, and at any time you can revoke your consent and stop receiving it.
    3. The owners of the website will not give your details to advertisers, although they may transfer statistical information about the activity of users on the website, provided that this information does not identify you personally.
  7. Providing information to a third party

    1. The website owners will not transfer your personal details and the information collected about your activity on the website to a third party except in the following cases:
      1. When the transfer of the specific information is necessary to complete a purchase procedure, which was carried out by you within the framework of the site, from a third party.
      2. In the event of a legal dispute between you and the website owners that would require disclosure of your details.
      3. In the event that a judicial order is obtained ordering you to hand over your details or information about you to a third party.
      4. In the event that the site's activity is transferred, in any way, to another entity, provided that that entity undertakes to maintain your privacy in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.
  8. Cookies

    1. The site uses "cookies" for its regular and proper operation, including to collect statistical data about the use of the site, to verify details, to adapt the site to your personal preferences and information security needs.
    2. Modern browsers include an option to avoid receiving cookies. If you don't know how to do this, check the help file of the browser you are using.
  9. Third party advertisements

    1. Advertisements for third-party products or services are displayed on this website under the auspices of an external service, which adapts the advertisements to the content of the page and the habits of the surfer.
    2. It is possible that this service uses cookies placed on your computer to manage and adjust the set of advertisements. It is clarified that this use is subject to the privacy policy of the advertising service and is not subject to the website's privacy policy.
  10. Data Security

    The website owners take measures to secure the content of the user account, but although these measures reduce the risk of unauthorized intrusion, they cannot absolutely guarantee the non-disclosure of information as a result of unauthorized intrusion into the website's services.
  11. Right to review information

    1. According to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, every person is entitled to review the information about him held in a database. A person who reviewed the information on it and found that it is not correct, complete, clear or updated, may contact the owner of the database with a request to correct the information or delete it.
    2. Such a request must be directed via email to the email address support@vadiaz.com, via fax number 04-9921731 or via mail to PO Box 770, Nahariya, 22106.
    3. In addition, if the information in the databases of the website owners is used for the purpose of contacting you personally, you are entitled according to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, to demand in writing that the information relating to you be deleted from the database.
  12. Changes to the privacy policy

    In any case where substantial changes are made in this policy to the instructions regarding the use of personal information that you have provided, a notification will be sent to surfers who have confirmed receipt of direct mail, and a notification will be published on the site's home page.
All rights reserved to Pinchas Crown, attorney © 2010 "PClaw - internet law"

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